From Fri Sep 11 11:41:25 2015
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 14:41:14
From: Costel Mincea <>
Cc:,, Thore Böckelmann <>
Subject: btree.library

Hello Harry,

first I have to apologise personally to you for not getting back to you
earlier on this. First I needed to gather all available information to
be able to take an informed decision, which took already a few days due
to the weekend and later I got occupied by my main job as well as my
family, so every Hyperion related work stuck for some days. No offence
or ignorance was intended with this.

Now speaking on behalf of Hyperion and also Thore Böckelmann with regard
to the btree.library, our deepest apologies for the accidental inclusion
of headers and documentation created by you in our recent SDK release.

Thore based his btree.library implementation on your available headers
and documentation as continuation of his efforts to keep a certain
multi-platform compatibility. Regrettably he didn't immediately write
his own version of these files nor ask you for permission and as all
this was done already in 2013, it was eventually forgotten when the SDK
was compiled by a different developer. This led to the release of SDK
53.29 containing your version of aforementioned files.

As soon as we knew about this mistake by your notification mail, we took
immediate action to replace the offending files with versions rewritten
by Thore and releasing SDK 53.30. Obviously, as his btree.library
implementation was created based on your header files and documentation
with compatibility in mind, there is only little room for rephrasing
those without rendering the functional description invalid or even
causing harm to the intended compatibility.

So again, on behalf of all involved people, please take our deepest
apologies for this totally unintended mistake. We will do our best to
make sure something like this will not happen again.

In closing, if you should have any questions, suggestions or complaints
in future about anything even only remotely Hyperion related, please
don't hesitate to contact one of us directly in the first place, instead
of contacting 3rd parties and CC'ing a generic Hyperion address. Very
likely most issues could be solved within no time in a way to satisfy
all involved parties.

Kind regards,

Costel Mincea
Director of Hyperion Entertainment CVBA

Tervurenlaan 34
1040 Brussels
O.N. 0466 380 552